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Andrew Miller Jerseys the realization that this could

Le 6 novembre 2017, 08:00 dans Humeurs 0

Indians not ready to tackle uncertain future They stood together talking quietly in Cleveland Indians Jerseys a hallway outside the Indians' clubhouse. Josh Tomlin, the longest-tenured player in the organization, leaned against a wall. Michael Brantley, often described as the heart and soul of the team, kept his hands inside the pockets of his sweatshirt. There will undoubtedly be more conversations in the days and weeks to come, but Andrew Miller Jerseys the realization that this could be the end of the line for several members of Cleveland's core was sinking in. After a 5-2 loss to the Yankees on Wednesday night, sealing the Tribe's defeat in Game 5 of the American League Division Series presented by Doosan, players like Brantley, Carlos Santana and Jay Bruce were faced with uncertain futures sooner than anticipated. "I started a quest back in 2009. I want to finish it the right way," Brantley said. "I don't want to go out like this if it's my choice. It's not. I just look forward to hopefully Francisco Lindor Jerseys being back here with this group of guys. I have amazing relationships with everybody in this locker room. Great teammates. Great team. I just look forward to being part of it for Jason Kipnis Jerseys a long time." Chris Antonetti, the Indians' president of baseball operations, made his way around the home clubhouse after Wednesday's loss, shaking the hands of his players. Andrew Miller Jerseys Antonetti, general manager Mike Chernoff and manager Terry Francona were hoping to avoid discussions about the 2018 roster until after the World Series. Instead, the Yanks are moving on and the offseason came early in Cleveland. There will be a lot on the front office's plate. Relievers Bryan Shaw and Joe Smith will be free agents, along with veteran outfielder Austin Jackson. Tomlin also has a $3 million team option for 2018. The biggest decisions, though, will revolve around Brantley ($11 million team option or $1 million buyout), Santana (free agent) and Bruce (free agent). I want to buy one? Welcome to our store

Francisco Lindor Jerseys wanted to give him a day or so

Le 20 octobre 2017, 08:40 dans Humeurs 0

We respect how much they pitch. But, that way, Francisco Lindor Jerseys when we pitch them, we know they're OK. And that's why we  Francisco Lindor Jerseys wanted to give him a day or so, just to kind of catch up a little bit, which he did." Greg Allen charges in on a shallow fly ball and lays out to make a fantastic diving catch to end the game, sealing a 6-3 Indians' win During that Tuesday outing, Allen allowed a home run to Justin Upton, but escaped the rest of the ninth unscathed for his 28th save. It is worth noting that Allen averaged 93.2 mph on his fastball on Tuesday, representing his lowest rate since July 24. Allen, who has a 2.57 ERA with 84 strikeouts against 21 walks through 63 innings, has averaged 94.3 mph on his heater this season, per Statcast™. "I was a little sore the Jason Kipnis Jerseys night that I threw," Allen said. "So, I just figured this is probably a good time to take a couple days. We Cleveland Indians Jerseys have a full bullpen Andrew Miller Jerseys right now, everybody seems pretty well rested. ... I'm not a fan of not pitching, not being available. But also, at the same time, there's a fine line there. Taking those couple days off is probably in the best interest of myself and in the best interest of this ballclub. "You give yourself a little break, a little bit of boost, where when you come back, you just feel good and then can kind of ride a good rhythm through the rest of the year and the postseason." I want to buy one? Welcome to our store

Andrew Miller Jersey will run graphics on the scoreboard

Le 5 septembre 2017, 08:16 dans Humeurs 0

Explaining Indians Players Weekend names This weekend's American League Central showdown between the Indians and the Royals at Progressive Field will look different than previous series between the rival clubs. The three-game set, which begins Friday, will see both teams sporting colorful, non-traditional uniforms as a part of Major League Baseball's first Players Weekend. Every team in the big leagues will wear these unique jerseys from Friday through Sunday. Each player's Cleveland Indians Jerseys jersey will feature a nickname that they chose, replacing the Jason Kipnis Jersey traditional last name format. While the majority of Indians will wear a nickname on the back of their jerseys, some players chose to stick with their last names. In addition to the nicknames, the uniforms will include specially made hats from New Era, socks from Stance and patches on the right sleeve of their jerseys which shows the progression of a player from Little League to Francisco Lindor Jersey the Majors. Each patch includes a white space where players can write the name or names of people they are thankful for Andrew Miller Jersey in helping them during their journey to the Majors. During each game at Progressive Field this weekend, the hosts on the video board at the ballpark will be wearing the jerseys all weekend. In between the final out and the postgame fireworks Friday and Saturday, the Indians Andrew Miller Jersey will run graphics on the scoreboard explaining the players' nicknames. Below is a full list of the nicknames that the Tribe will be sporting on the back of their respective jerseys, as well as the name that players wrote on their individual patches. I want to buy one? Welcome to our store

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